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The centre de création is an inspiring space for retreats, courses and residencies in the Dordogne region of France.


past residencies

past residencies

We’ve hosted several circus, dance, and theatre artists and companies in residence from all genres of live performance. Our residencies have facilitated creation and innovation for artists and companies from around the world.


La Compagnie Duo Beloraj, France

Hazel Lam, China

José Trigero & Chris Paterfield, Spain /Scotland

Rachel Schiffer, USA

Cie Saseo, France


independent residencies

Gorilla Circus, UK

Rogue Play Theatre, UK

redfest residency

Fred Deb (creation of Lisières), France


Perched on Les Joncailles’ heights among the hills, we found serenity to create, winter sun-kissed in a welcoming place. It was a pleasure to mix with other artists in residency to share a meal (and what meals!). Thank you to Les Joncailles who’s been sensitive to our concerns throughout our residency and responded to our demands efficiently!
— Au Fil du Vent
Their space is ideal to create without distractions; the facilities were all very good, with the fantastic place, accommodations and studio…We really worked in our own time, our pace and the important thing is that we were able to concentrate for our creation. Abigail helped us a lot with an outside eye to realise our show creation. The great thing was that they let us borrow their materials so we could achieve our project!! It was really peaceful.
— Duo Dinh Anh
Lovely space, nice to work in, good place to concentrate. Fantastic in the summer when you can jump in the pool after rehearsals and cook a lovely dinner with local produce, enjoying it on the terrace overlooking the valley. What a difference to cramming yourself into a commuter train in London instead. It’s a combination of concentrated hard work during the day that gets rewarded with a holiday evening. We got a lot more done than we possibly could have in London where in the evenings everyone runs back to their lives. People aren’t distracted by other commitments. Good focus.
— Ockhams Razor

I first thank you for your welcome and trust for letting us use your various facilities. It’s important to be able to go in-and-out, adapt one’s schedule when it comes to work and accommodation when in residency. All this is made possible on your site. Your availability and your warmth are major add-ons when people live behind closed doors in a creative process. I think and I wish that this meeting with Paul and Abigail will open new paths to artistic production of both our companies.
— Alix Bouyssié, Compagnie Mauvais Esprits