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The centre de création is an inspiring space for retreats, courses and residencies in the Dordogne region of France.


professional courses

professional courses

The centre de création runs professional workshops in southwest France, focused on discipline, research and performance exploration. They are aimed at professional practitioners who want to expand their personal development and explore new ideas for creation.

Participating in our workshops is excellent for improving technique, trying out new ideas and being bold, taking on creative challenges, and fine-tuning your identity.

Association members receive a discount on physical courses. Contact (english) or (french) for more information.

Aerial Arts

with Laetitia Bodin

Date TBC

A series of 2-hour workshops on the aerial arts.


Create and Produce

with Paul Cockle

 Date TBC

A 4-day residential course highlighting the production process and the different roles of the producer - executive, creative and line producer.