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The centre de création is an inspiring space for retreats, courses and residencies in the Dordogne region of France.


retreat options

retreat options

Would you like to run your own retreat from our beautiful property? Choose from a range of options below. We can accommodate up to 15 people with separate teacher accommodation, delicious, wholesome meals catered for on-site, and a fully equipped yoga retreat studio.


option 1: promotion by centre de création

  • centre de création promotes and manages the retreat

  • The teacher is guaranteed a fee of 800 euros for 5 days of teaching

  • All students are charged 500 euros each which includes full board and lodging for 6 nights

  • Airport transfers from Bergerac included

  • The teacher is guaranteed the fee unless we cancel more than 6 weeks in advance


option 2: promotion by teacher

  • The teacher promotes the courses themselves and pays a rental fee of 2000 euros in advance for use of the retreat studio and accommodation for up to 15 people

  • Food is charged at 20 € /day per person but must be for a minimum of 10 people

  • Menu can be agreed in advance

  • Airport transfers from Bergerac would be extra (24 € return per person)

  • Camper vans or tents charged as extras

  • The fees are guaranteed and non returnable for centre de création


option 3: shared promotion

  • centre de création runs an open budget (we will email you an indicative budget)

  • The fees to be charged are agreed with the teacher

  • The teacher helps to promote by giving contacts to centre de création. The teacher takes a shared risk and is not paid a fee but gets 50% of the profit or bears 50% of the loss