cerceau : technique

JOUR 1 (tous niveaux) - 11h00 / 12h45

JOUR 2 (debut/elem) - 14h30 / 16h30

JOUR 4 (debut/elem - 14h30 / 16h30

Grand studio
debut/elem / tous niveaux

Le cerceau aérien est un merveilleux outil pour jouer de manière créative et utiliser de nombreuses techniques différentes.

Julia vous guidera, étape par étape, à travers une introduction aux mouvements dynamiques et de roulement sur le cerceau aérien. Tout au long de la semaine, les compétences seront rassemblées comme des pièces de puzzle dans une séquence chorégraphique. Nous nous concentrerons, non seulement sur la bonne technique, mais surtout sur l’analyse de la manière dont différents artistes peuvent utiliser divers signaux en fonction de la forme de leur corps individuel. La formation de Julia se concentre sur l’ensemble du tableau, y compris la respiration dans l’air, la prise en compte des blocages mentaux pour certaines figures et une approche individuelle, sachant que chaque artiste est unique.

enseignant cerceau : technique

Julia Torggler

Julia Torggler was born and raised in Austria where she discovered her passion for dance at an early age.
After training to be a classical ballet dancer she graduated from Freiburger Academy of Dance in Germany. Various contracts and Tours as a show dancer marked the beginning of her career. In 2014 she was first introduced to Aerial Arts and immediately found her new love for this creative art, especially with the Aerial Hoop and Rope.
Julia has performed at various Events and theatres and travelled the world as an aerial artist on cruise ships.
Besides performing as a solo artist she also loves working behind the scenes. Julia worked as Choreographer and artistic director for many Shows and in 2021 released her first own varieté Show – The Vintage Varieté.
Right now Julia is based in Essen, Germany where she is teaching private classes and offering Showproductions for her students to grow into the performing arts business in a healthy and non-judgemental environment.
Julia was always a multidisciplinary artist combining her knowledge of Dance, Aerial Arts and Yoga.
In her classes and Workshops she promotes a healthy and sustainable approach to working with your body aswell as allowing our individual creativity to appear in the art.

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