What time can I arrive?

Check in time is after 2pm

What are the local airports?

We provide transfers from Bergerac airport for 12 € per person each way. If you’re travelling from Bordeaux, you will need to take a bus to the train station
called ‘la Navette’ and the station is called Bordeaux St Jean it takes 30 min travel time and the bus leaves every 20/30 mins. The bus costs 8 euros you can pre buy a ticket on line. Please also note Bordeaux taxis are very expensive and the taxi fare could be 40 euros. However if there are four of you are travelling together this might be more convenient. From Bordeaux St Jean take a train to Le Buisson-de-Cadouin and we can come and pick you up. Please check train times from Bordeaux to Le Buisson-de-Cadouin before booking your flight, as there may not be a train at the right time.

My flight gets in earlier that 2pm, can I arrive sooner?

We will be preparing for your retreat, so we suggest that you either spend some time in Bergerac (you can get a taxi there and back) or if there is a few of you we will come and pick you up and take you to the local village.

My flight leaves the day after the retreat finishes, can I stay an extra night?

Yes of course but we will have to charge you a fee for a night (but we can serve you a hot meal).

Can I get to you by train from the UK.?

Travelling by train is also an option, and the best website to book the journey by train is trainline.com The simplest route by train (from London) is:
• London to Paris by Eurostar;
• Change stations from Gare Du Nord to Montparnasse;
• Take TGV to Bordeaux or Perigueux or Libourne;
• Change to local train – ideally to Le Buisson or possibly Bergerac.
Train tickets cannot be booked yet but an approximate cost if booked 3 weeks in advance is around £108. it takes around 8-9 hours (You could even stop overnight in Paris or Bordeaux en route).

Is there wifi?

Yes covering the whole site, however we do suggest leaving your mobile in the office or your room so you can fully immerse in your retreat (optional.

What do I need to bring?

Depending on the season, comfortable yoga gear, a sweat shirt or jumper and a light coat, warm socks and ideally a pair of slippers and some slip-on shoes.

Do I need any previous yoga experience?

No not at all, just let us know and we can accommodate you, yoga is for everyone.

What is on the menu?

We will serve freshly prepared Vegetarian and Vegan food some of it grown here on the farm Please let us know if you have any allergies.

Can I prepare my own food?

We make a point of communal living and eating together as this gives us time to get to know each other, bond and share experiences.

Will there be any alcohol served?

We don’t offer any alcohol not unless our homemade nut liquor, by all means group together and buy a bottle (we can arrange that for you).

What type of yoga do you offer in the retreats?

We offer, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Abigail Yeates is a qualified yoga teacher who has 450 hours of teacher training. Abigail has learnt in India, France and London. Please send Abigail an email if you have any questions. abigail@centredecreation.com

What level of experience do I need for DADA?

DADA is for aerialists who have been practicing at least one year of regular class, for professional aerialists who want to improve their technique and take time for research and creation. If you want to discuss the levels further, please contact DADA director Abigail Yeates abigail@centredecreation.com.

Is there an age limit to take part in DADA?

You must be 18 years+ to take part in the DADA event. Special consideration may be given to those younger but with prior experience. Please get in touch PRIOR to booking your course if you are under 18 years or have any concerns.

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry no animals allowed.

Can I bring my truck?

Yes you can bring your truck, please let us know the size before you arrive.

Can I walk to the shops?

We are a good 20mins away by foot, we tend to organize a supermarket run for those who need it.

What are your Covid policies?


During the current COVID pandemic we are extremely aware of the health and wellbeing of all our staff students and retreat participants. With this at the forefront of our minds CDC will follow all French government advice guidelines and regulations and will expect all CDC visitors to do the same. The following CDC guidelines are subject to change to whatever changing advice is received.

  1. A COVID assessment will be made for all activities and this will be available by email or be displayed inside the studio for the benefit of all.

General Controls

  1. Masks should be worn on site by all visitors and staff but can be removed by students or participants during classes bum us be replaced during breaks or at the end of class,
  2. CDC reserves the right to refuse entry to studios to anyone without a mask.
  3. Children under the age of 12 will not be required to wear one.
  4. We will take temperatures at the start of morning practice for those on retreat.
  5. We will provide hand sanitiser stations in each studio and bathrooms and eating areas for the benefit of all participants.
  6. We will clean all studios each morning and sanitise equipment.
  7. If a participant is in residence they will be provided with cleaning materials to clean their own room which we would recommend daily.
  8. CDC will maintain a regular cleaning regime of communal areas, bathrooms and toilets.
  9. Those coming on a yoga retreat should bring their own equipment or we can provide dedicated equipment for individual use only, for the duration of their stay and guarantee this equipment will not have been used for 4 days prior to the retreat.
  10. Wherever possible windows to studios will be kept open during classes to allow fresh air circulation
  11. For residential retreat participants, during meal times Instead of one large table several different areas will be offered to allow social distancing to be respected.
  12. The Covid policy is subject to review