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CDC has created and is committed to the creation of new and innovative education and training experiences. If you are a school or producer or theatre company and would like to discuss specific personal, project or company needs in production, creative development or team building, then please contact us to see if we can help.

CDC Provides the residential space including two studios and small classrooms and potential other temporary spaces to accommodate a variety of creative based education or training projects and courses.


Paul Cockle offers a mentoring service than can be as simple as a weekly chat about design and production issues as you develop your project or we can assist with detailed business plan development and fund raising strategy.

We can be available throughout the development of a show or project. Via online mentoring, we can provide one on one discussion covering the areas of artistic creation, production management, finance and fundraising, marketing strategy and sales, tour booking and programming. We can consider any budget for this service as we want to encourage creation. 


With our commercial partners at Anystage Creative Ltd., We can provide comprehensive advice and support on show development. We can advise and support on contract negotiation, programme strategy for new venues, operational organisation for buildings or production companies or resident show installations. We are experienced resident show developers for resorts or theme parks. 

online training

We can deliver one to one or group online training in producing and production development.

For example, 10 1 hour sessions using Zoom or Skype discussing scheduling, contracting the creative process, and all aspects of show and project development.

company development

At CDC we have the available skills to work with performing companies to develop and define artistic policy, and plan operational and management structure and procedures. We can help artists become companies and advise on business planning. We can do this as an ongoing consultancy, or a short course with the management team or an imbedded management residency in your offices. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss. 


Get funded for a residency period with your creative team here at our centre. We can assist and advise on show creation process. We can facilitate a workshop period to help you develop a concept and address design and at the same time plan the overall show development. We can introduce you to other freelancers or specialist designers to work with on specific projects if you need. 

established courses

We can offer the following outline intensive courses. If you approach us with a specific training need, we can either adapt an existing course, or work with you to design the curriculum and find the expert teachers to deliver it. We can cover all aspects of performing from dance and music to circus and aerial training to acting and clowning.

All courses include full board which is 3 meals a day. Single room accommodation with shared bathrooms on site. Travel and Airport transfers not included but can be provided.

produce and create

Present your concept at the beginning of the course and then take part in training and development of the creative idea, the marketing strategy, and the funding and investment strategy.
All participants will take part in the practical aspects of staging a small show with live performers to a live audience, and at the same time develop their own project presentation for final presentation.
Anystage Producers will continue to be available to advise on the future development of the project going forward.

design and direct

Work with a very experienced director of physical theatre and a theatre designer. The course will cover. From page to the stage the process of idea development whether it be an original work or a text or script. This is essentially about the core creative process and is ideally suited for Directors wanting to understand and expand their knowledge of creative process or designers also wanting to work within a process. It will involve the staging of a short performance with local audience and professional performers.

production management

Working with 2 internationally experienced production managers the course will address budgeting and costing, creative process, scheduling, contracting, procurement, health and safety, sustainability. IP, etc

Ideal for the technician or stage manager who aspires to production management or for the newly appointed production manager who wants to learn more.

Case study

Guildhall school MA

We have worked with Guildhall school for music and drama MA Performance and design course for a number of years. We deliver a month long introduction to directing and physical theatre. It involves a week of intensive training in production and creative process, and then 3 weeks of design build and rehearsal leading to a performance of a short show to a local audience at the end of the project.

The course is very popular with all students and has been delivered with various nationalities it forms the model or template from which we have developed all our training courses and overall training direction.

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school conservatoire

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