The centre de création is proud to present redfest – a biannual micro festival of circus, dance and theatre. The redfest is a celebration of new creative work. We endeavor to support artists, give them space to work through redfest residencies, and offer a platform to present their work. The festival also provides an opportunity for companies to come together, network and exchange views. The programme changes with each new redfest. We invite promoters within the industry and market the festival in the local Dordogne region.

The redfest is an entertaining event for our audience of locals and summer visitors packed with various artists and companies performing new work or work in progress. Please come and support live circus arts and enjoy an evening of captivating performances.


2023 programme

Yuna Bazin & Thierry Bazin (French) “Inspiration”. 

Omiaruhje (‘own your bruises’) Emilia Ahopelto & Meri Salmela (Finland): “Omia ruhje”.

D’alla Karla Arevalo (Ecuador) “Lei-LÀ”.

Brothers Film by Abigail Yeates Pablo Fraile Ruiz (Spain), Wout Deneyer (Belgium), Merri Heikkila (Finnish), Michele De Riu (Italian).

Roel Seeber (USA): “Just another Tuesday Morning”.

Miscreations Rebecca Jameson & Aron De Casmaker (UK / Canada): “Punch & Judy Disaster Show at the End of the World”




redfest 2019

2019 programme

Cie Biscornue (Contortion + Handstand): WINTER IN JULY | Artists & Creators: Jatta Borg, Antoine Nicaud

Teatro Pomodoro (Clown): VIVA! (work in progress) | Artist & Creator: Duncan Cameron | Canada

Company Levantes (Dance Theatre): AUDITION (work in progress) | Artists & Creators: Eleni Edipidi, Ivonne Kalter | Greece/UK

Petra Lang (Handstand): BIRD (work in progress) | Artist & Creator: Petra Lang | Germany

Aron De Casmaker (Clown): SAUERKRAUT (work in progress) | Artists & Creators: Aron De Casmaker, Rebecca Jameson | Canada

Nightingale (Opera + Aerial): IN SEARCH OF YOUKALI (work in progress) | Artists & Creators: Tim Claydon, Corin Buckeridge, Katie Bray | UK

redfest 2017

2017 programme

La Compagnie Duo Beloraj (France): And yet…

Hazel Lam (China): To the lighthouse

José Trigero/Chris Paterfield (Spain/Scotland): Project Gibbons

Rachel Schiffer (USA): Pink bubbles are following me

Cie Saseo (France): Waké Tébo

redfest 2015

2015 programme

Levantes Dance Theatre (Greece/UK): The Band

Mattatoio Sospeso (Italy/France): You make my head spin

DueDá Company (Ireland/Italy): Diverged

CirqueVost (France): Turmoil

redfest 2013

2013 programme

La Cie d’Eux (France): a piece about a relationship and their therapist using circus skills and choreography.

Proyecto Otradnoie (Chile/Spain/France): a piece about a man in the midst of objects that live in the sound, a man who feeds his obsessions among frequencies, using music and circus.

Betti Combo (France): a comedy piece with two men and a woman looking for the perfect structure using lots of plastic buckets and a Chinese pole…

La Compagnie Si J’y Suis (France): a piece about gravity using circus and choreography.

Apocalyptic Circus (Sweden/UK): a dialogue between performer and technician, an experimental new circus duet.

Levantes Dance Theatre (Greece/UK): a duet exploring the idea of a human partnership, using dance and bungee.