Dordogne Aerial Dance Atelier (DADA)

8th-13th June 2022

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Dordogne Aerial Dance Atelier (DADA), is a holistic event for the global community. DADA is ideal for aerial and dance practitioners keen to improve technique, take time for research and creation, and truly focus on personal and professional development. DADA offers a mix of technique & creative workshops and masterclasses in aerial skills, dance, acrobatics, yoga, handstand, creation to production, and rigging in a rich environment where you are immersed in aerial and ground-based movement.

Over the course of six days and five nights we stretched, climbed, worked, explored and discovered muscles that we didn’t think we had. Our fuel, eating delicious Ayervedic food whilst exchanging stories with like-minded people, overlooking the Dordogne countryside. As artists, we never stop, we change over the years, we define our craft, we explore and discover.

The community spirit was wonderful, each person arriving with a different motivation. Starting each day with an early yoga class followed by technique classes, then creation and masterclasses in the afternoon. Our fuel was freshly prepared Ayervedic Indian food. All in all, an intense period and by day two I felt I had known everyone for an age. The heart of the event, as a participant mentioned, is to live the experience of the exchanges and to learn. We fly, dance and we remain grounded, with our DADA teachers there to guide us for which we trust. We learnt lots and we are extremely excited to be focusing on DADA 2022.

Abigail Yeates


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