past residencies

We’ve hosted several circus, dance, and theatre artists and companies in residence from all genres of live performance. Our residencies have facilitated creation and innovation for artists and companies from around the world.


  • Company: Breaking Circus is a contemporary circus production company based in Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). Founders Dawn Shepherd + Ryan Gray.
  • Soloist: Danny Tavori, Circus and Variety Performer, Dancer, Rigger and Automation Specialist. (Germany, Israel). 
  • Company: Omiaruhje (‘own your bruises’) Emilia Ahopelto & Meri Salmela, Dancers (Finland).
  • Company: Lavark Circus, a female-led alternative circus company, creating empowering and enabling circus. Co-directors Nix Pretlove + Amy Nicholls (UK).  




  • Rohini Kkrath Solo Creation with Laetitia Bodin (Oz)
  • Milla Kurronen (Circus artists) Merri Salmela (Dancer) Duet piece Omia ruhje. Company Omiaruhje (Own your bruises) (Finland)




Association Anandi.  France 

Livia Etelka + Irene Schuberth. Germany & Austria

Cia Doisacordes. Brazil


La Compagnie Duo Beloraj, (France)

Hazel Lam, (Hong Kong)

José Trigero & Chris Paterfield, (Spain /Scotland)

Rachel Schiffer, (USA)

Cie Saseo, (France)


Gorilla Circus, (UK)

Rogue Play Theatre, (UK)

Fred Deb (creation of Lisières), (France)



Levantes Dance Theatre, (Greece/UK)

Cie Erezance, (France)

Mattatoio Sospeso, (Italy/France)

CirqueVost, (Canada/Sweden)

DueDá Company, (Ireland/Italy)


Duo Dinh Anh, Circus Artists (Vietnam)

2010 & 2012

Ockhams Razor, (UK)