23 Wrap + 24

23 Wrap + 24

This post is super late as we are now in March 2024. We started the beginning of 2023 with P&O rehearsals end of January into February over five weeks. March we hosted our annual Guildhall MA programme for a month. A very productive time between students,  artists and creation. We then spent a wonderful week in May with New Horizons a Residency Exchange Programme partnering with Irish Aerial Creation Centre. Instigated by Chantal McCormick and Paul Thompson. I also took the opportunity in May to learn some Yin Yoga, which I highly recommend. DADA then happened in a flash during June with 25 inspiring students.  I then took the opportunity to learn Pilates. July was filled with residencies and we hosted our bi-annual REDFEST. We had some incredible artist’s sharing their ‘work in progress’ supported by our local community. September soon rolled in with the start of P&O rehearsals once again. October we started rehearsing shows for MSC, that continued on the cruise heading towards Brazil and another rehearsals happening on board off the coast of Shanghai. Christmas then arrived, we all relaxed for a week and then back into work preparing for the new year. New Anystage Creative website, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, DADA (Dordogne Aerial Dance Atelier), P&O rehearsals, and MSC rehearsals. We are also hosting a workshop with Alex Allen and Magalie Lanriote ‘When Rope meets Floor’.  So here we are March!! with our annual Guildhall MA programme our 9th Year. The students are preparing for their tech and performance this week, 29th March 19h00. So we are looking forwards to lots of projects, creations and rehearsals, meeting new and old faces and most of all enjoying the sunshine. On that note, we are planning to plant more palm trees. Centre de création feels like an island so we thought well lets create one. So if you are an artist or a technician check out our new Anystage Creative website for more info. That’s all folks have a great year !! 



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