DADA 2022

DADA 2022, for starters the weather was incredible, the food was amazing and there were lots of happy students. Our teachers were totally inspiring, teaching and sharing their knowledge. The ambience of the site was perfect. Working hard all day, followed by a good stretch and finally a hearty delicious dinner. As artists we are open to new experiences. The centre de création offers a focussed space, where there are no distractions. The numbers in the classes are small as we only accept up to 25 participants. We like to think that we are more holistic when it comes to working within DADA, thinking of the body as well as the mind. Being conscious of those around us, being mindful and being in the moment, how you work and how you process. Ultimately doing what is best for you. Creation is the heart of what we do,  but that can come in all sorts of ways, not just being in the studio but sharing stories, being quiet, reflecting and realising what you need in order to start your journey…

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