DADA 2023

DADA 2023

DADA 2023, again we had incredible weather, the cooking this year was shared by both Anita Pentecote and Claire Daloon who created wonderful healthy meals throughout. We had invited our same teachers from 2022 as combined they offered all that we needed and with 25 students we had an intensive week of sharing knowledge and good vibes. Our aim is to be Holistic; we are keen to promote this idea in the direction of classes and workshops, in our food and in our communal living. We provide a number of classes that are all inclusive just because we can only accommodate a small number of participants. We try our best to listen to what people want and aim to adapt or include in the following year. So, if you’re a professional aerialist and need time to reflect, to recharge or you are at the beginning of your creation or an aerialist who has had at least 2 years of aerial training and would like to go further then come along, work hard, enjoy the sun, eat good food, communicate with like minded people and be part of the dance vertical community.

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