2021 Wrap + 2022 News

2021 at the centre de creation started well, however we were still under the restrictions of covid. So, our weekly yoga classes were online, again our aerial classes postponed. Our annual Guildhall MA module was sadly affected again however this time Paul and Gavin went to London to work with the students. All our retreats that were lined up sadly didn’t happen. So, we then focussed all our attention on all the various jobs that need doing on site, working on the land, like cutting back branches, preparing the ground for planting, replacing old and tired shutters and painting them blue, building a new wall for DADA our aerial wall in preparation for June. Hosting various residencies, offering free yoga at the beach in Bac de Sors Dordogne. Hosting YogaKoh for the first time in September, for there 200h Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course.

2022 the year started in December swiftly followed by January. We have had a very busy time running our first P+O rehearsal, with 10 artists, director, choreographer, trainer, and technicians, 17 people in total, it was a full house for six weeks. We needed to maintain a covid free bubble so again classes were disrupted. Cast and crew are now on board ship and sailing around the Mediterranean. We are happy to announce that Guildhall were back in France this year, so with 10 students along with four invited artists went onto create the  performance ‘Unearthed’…. Découvrir la relation de I’homme avec la nature and we had an audience for the first time in two years. Also very happy to announce that Lisa Hood will be returning in June to run the Summer Mandala Yoga Retreat. All our other retreats sadly have been put on hold until we can find a way to make them happen. We will try again next year. Also, our bi-annual redfest will also not be happening this year but we hope to in 2023. I guess covid has knocked the wind out of the sails in many ways and we need time to back into them. However, we will also be running our very second DADA event in June (Dordogne, Aerial, Dance, Atelier) and we do have some amazing teachers, so if you have the time come and join us. There are only 20 places, so come and hang out with us in hot and sunny June. Our annual adult classes in yoga and aerial have once again started thank goodness. July and August P+0 rehearsals will be back working once again and in September YogaKoh will host there second year of 200h Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. So its looking like packed year.


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