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2021 Wrap + 2022 News

2021 at the centre de creation started well, however we were still under the restrictions of covid. So, our weekly yoga classes were online, again our aerial classes postponed. Our […]

Dordogne Aerial Dance Atelier (DADA) 2021

We first wanted to run an aerial festival back in 2015 but alas with no funding available we didn’t. So, a couple of years ago we thought why not, we’ll […]

2020 Wrap + 2021 News

2020 started well at the centre de création with some new beginnings. Then in March Covid arrived. We were in the middle of the delivery of our annual Guildhall MA […]

2019 Wrap + 2020 News

In 2019, we held our 4th biannual redfest which featured a premiere preview to an Opera directed by Tim Clayden, clown pieces by Duncan Cameron and Aron de Casmaker, a […]