Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” this quote by Hippocrates, acknowledges the importance of healthy eating and how the nutrients in various foods have healing properties. My seasonal blog will aim to incorporate some recipes that I have been experimenting with at the centre de creation using seasonal food and food from the land. I am no expert but I love creating simple and healthy ideas. I will also be inviting international artists who are also passionate about food and featuring their favorite dishes.

Tim’s bread

La Cuisine de L’Artiste – Tim Claydon, hitchin based international theatre choreographer and director specialising in opera and circus. UK. Tim’s bread (more recipes visit My principle is, It’s […]

Summer: Cantharellus Mushrooms

Cantharellus Mushrooms A wonderful edible mushroom, perfect for a Sunday morning scramble with butter or add them to a stew, grilled, in a pita, pan roasted, pizza topping or added […]

2019 Wrap + 2020 News

In 2019, we held our 4th biannual redfest which featured a premiere preview to an Opera directed by Tim Clayden, clown pieces by Duncan Cameron and Aron de Casmaker, a […]